Will Writing

For complete peace of mind, every adult should have a will. Crockett & Co. Solicitors have been writing wills for the people of Harehills and Leeds for many years and have experience in advising on trusts, probate and mental capacity. 

If you do not write a will, you will be subject to Intestacy laws which dictate who inherits your estate. This can cause issues, especially if you are not legally married to your partner.

By making a will you can choose who you wish to inherit your assets. This does not necessarily mean that you need to own your own house or have substantial assests. A will can be a way for you to choose to pass certain belongings to certain individuals, ensuring that items of sentimental value are retained in the family, and also to specify your wishes for who would be guardians for your children if they are still dependents.

Our will writing service is personalised to you as an individual. You can choose the executors and decide who the beneficiaries are. We can hold your will securely for you and advise on the best way to protect your assets 

  • We can also offer advice representation on all mental capacity matters and specialise in elderly and vulnerable care, particularly for people concerned about care home fees and protecting their inheritance. 

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