Childcare Law

At Crockett & Co Solicitors in Leeds we specialise in many areas of childcare law and may be able to assist with Legal Aid under some circumstances, for example, orders for a child to see an absent parent, prohibited steps and specific issue orders and live in orders. We also deal with some serious injury cases relating to children. 


You may be considering adopting a child, opposing the adoption of your child or have just married and wish for your new husband or wife to become an adoptive parent. Whatever the situation, we can help with the legal aspect of adoption.

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Care and Child Protection

Care cases are cases involving the Local Authority/Social Care. Under the Children Act 1989 the Court must always consider what is in the best interests of the child and the welfare of the child is always paramount.

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Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Crockett & Co. Solicitors are experienced in the field of trafficking and modern slavery, being committed to working sensitively and fearlessly in helping victims to enforce their legal rights and seek the protection they need.

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