Probate Services

Crockett & Co. Solicitors can help you with all aspects of probate whether or not your loved one wrote a will. We can assist you to apply for probate and you do not need to live in Leeds or visit our offices for us to act on your behalf.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might wish to use a solicitor to apply for probate. With our expertise, we can take the stress and strain of the process away from you by completing the Probate application form, relevant Inheritance Tax form, claim applicable reliefs from HMRC (Residential Nil Rate Band and Transferable Nil Rate Band), calculate any Inheritance Tax liability and obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

A common misconception around Probate is that it is not required if the deceased made a Will. If there is a valid Will it is called a ‘Grant of Probate’ and if there is no valid Will (intestacy) it is called ‘Letters of Administration’. We can advise you if probate is needed and also assist if there are any objections to probate or disputes regarding the will.

Probate is a legal document that allows the deceased's assets to be released to one or more people who have the legal authority to act and administer the estate. When Probate is required the assets of the estate are frozen to safeguard them against being distributed to the wrong people. This means that without the Grant of Probate a property cannot be sold and the deceased’s bank accounts and other financial assets cannot be accessed.

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