Mental Capacity

When you are writing a will, a Mental Capacity Act asserts that the testator understands all the information relevant to the decisions that they are making. This is particularly relevant where a person is suffering from dementia or memory loss.

You must be of “sound mind” to create a valid will. This generally means that you're aware of your actions when creating the will. More specifically, it means that at the time the will is made, you understand that you're creating a will, the nature of the property you own, and to whom you're leaving your property.

If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with any form of debilitating illness or mental impairment it is essential that you get this test done as soon as possible for peace of mind for your loved one and yourself.

We are able to undertake home visits in exceptional circumstances, so if you require will writing services or a mental capacity test to be undertaken then we can visit you if you live in the Leeds or surrounding area.

We can also help where a will has been written and there are disputes over the will on grounds of mental capacity.

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